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Eshowe Prison and Restorative Justice

The first day of my stay in rural Amatikulu, I had the opportunity to visit Eshowe Prison and speak with 15-20 female inmates with my SIT cohort. We participated in structured ice breaker activities to get to know each other as part of the prison’s restorative justice program. Our conversations allowed us to touch onContinue reading “Eshowe Prison and Restorative Justice”

Rural Homestay in Amatikulu

One of the most memorable moments of my study abroad experience in South Africa was my rural homestay. My urban homestay in Cato Manor was coming to an end as the second week of March approached, and I was feeling anxious about our program’s transition into the rural part of KwaZulu-Natal. I grew up inContinue reading “Rural Homestay in Amatikulu”

Albert Luthuli Museum and Ela Gandhi

During the first week of March, I had the opportunity to visit the Albert Luthuli Museum in KwaDukuza and Gandhi Museum in Inanda with my SIT Cohort. Albert Luthuli was the first South African recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1960 and served as the President of the African National Congress (“ANC”) between 1952Continue reading “Albert Luthuli Museum and Ela Gandhi”

Interview Tips While Studying Abroad

Before I left for my study abroad program in South Africa, I applied to several summer internship/fellowship opportunities. The process of applying was very straightforward. I submitted my applications before the deadline, tailored my resume and cover letters to the opportunity I was applying for, and gave my recommenders ample notice. The interview process becameContinue reading “Interview Tips While Studying Abroad”


This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Mozambique with my SIT program to learn more about the relationship between Mozambique and the ANC during apartheid. During apartheid the African National Congress (“ANC”) was banned and some of their members became exiles in Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and other countries within the continent. TheContinue reading “FRELIMO x ANC”

Tour of the Warwick Markets

This past week I visited the historic Warwick markets with my SIT cohort. The Warwick markets are one of Durban’s main attractions and have existed in the community for over a century. The markets are divided into the following nine sections: Bovine Head Market, Early Morning Market, Berea Station, Brook Street Market, Music Bridge, HerbContinue reading “Tour of the Warwick Markets”

Zulu Culture and Family

I spent my second week in South Africa getting acquainted with the city of Durban and preparing for my first homestay in Cato Manor. At the beginning of the week, my SIT cohort began our isiZulu language instruction so that we would be able to communicate with our host families and the locals. The ZuluContinue reading “Zulu Culture and Family”

Introduction to South Africa

My first week in South Africa has been filled with new learning experiences inside of the classroom and out. Through my SIT Study Abroad program, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Johannesburg and visited the Apartheid Museum and the Mandela house in the Soweto Township. At the Apartheid Museum, visitors areContinue reading “Introduction to South Africa”